Many entrepreneurs believe that the first time finding the right idea is the same as finding the Holy Grail. It is not. My favorite example is from the movie “Office” where he got the idea of ​​a pet rock “Of course it [good idea]. Men have a million dollars.” Surprisingly, perhaps, but probably not far from the truth. Gary Dahl, the inventor of pet rocks, making money by selling ornamental stones, and even pet rocks sold the rights in 2009. Well, the pet rock was a bad idea a lot of charm which is really strange, because the marketing around it is full of word games. And it’s not selling bricks amazing characters, Dahl scored their advantage.

The point is that ideas, in themselves, rarely have much value in one or the other. It is almost impossible to say what is good and bad. We all have friends who are crying out from the sofa with advertising that the product is stupid, or they thought of it years ago. What is the difference between them and the person that money sell all products and / or services? Effort.

So pls consideration of business ideas, just ask yourself is if you come to a reasonable and intelligent people, the situation with business ideas. If the answer is “yes”, then you have an idea what a successful business, no matter how good or bad.

Here is their strategy. Strategy is a funny word in connection with the transaction, because it basically reduces egg a good approximation. A lot of confusing terminology and corrupt in the world of business strategy. My favorite example of “first mover advantage”. In fact, the “first mover advantage” is often “the first weakness,” because he was getting hit every obstacle on the road and in other ways from their mistakes. Do not let the small hollow words and phrases that are the basic components of the strategy.

Imagine now that you have an idea, how it really will become a business? The most common mistake is that the strategies you have used an existing business will have a relationship with your new business idea. There is a difference between what is known as the Corporate Strategy (which almost every company that has more than 2-3 years of use) and the company’s new strategy (which is what you and your new business idea to to use it to start.)

The new corporate strategy that is used is critical to the success of your idea. More than the idea itself. But do not expect most people who know how to play the game a new corporate strategy. This unique and subtle, but can be dominated by deep to really think about how you think your idea to someone who can explain to buy. “The acquisition market” (truth, the other is often misused and abused word strategy) is the most important aspect of what you do for your idea will successfulbusiness. From the first day, nobody knows who or what you do. How do you want to change it so dramatically that you can actually make a business out of it?

Make sure your idea through the crowd and get as much feedback as possible. If you know a successful businessman, no doubt, that your mind, because it will be very valuable. It is also a wonderful moment to be one of the most important rules of each organization to learn, regardless of their size, which is to ensure that not only the person asking you to confirm what you say just make you happy. Critique and refinement of the plan is the main ingredient for this order.

Lastly but most importantly, you are. There are countless examples of entrepreneurs with great ideas and business strategies that seem extraordinary, that never see the light of the world because they do not take your idea to everyone. Make an honest reflection. Not just who you are, but who are in their business idea. Do you really anyone to do, the idea of ​​a successful company? Do you know the industry or at least have the appropriate contact? Perhaps most importantly, you have the time, effort and dedication to the facts through?

One thing many people put on this stage is money. I have dozens of people who say I have a great idea and hitting strategy, but it will be a certain amount of money is inevitable, they do not have to make a real go. It is more often than not, is simply a convenient excuse to rationalize wimping out and not follow what could be a major problem. Money is always there. There are friends and family who are willing, can support their business ideas. If not, there are a lot of angel investors and people who want an interesting idea and withdraw funds. Want to know what people want to approach, especially Paul, they are looking to invest? When throwing your idea, they analyze their strategies and even more closely. If you have an interesting concept, which is great. But if you can prove that you have the skills necessary to successfully plan, some investors are concerned about what your idea – the winner is a winner.